Congratulations Alana Sparrow Matulis for receiving the Arts Ambassador GOBY Award this year! You have made a significant impact upon an arts and cultural Institution and promoted arts and culture in our community! For that we thank you and cannot wait to honor you with this award on April 14, 2015!

alana sparrow matulis

Alana is the Founder and Creative Director for The Foundry for Art, Design, and Culture. Her experiences, opportunities, and high quality art have greatly influenced the Capital Region and Cohoes, in particular. She is fiercely invested in the revitalization of downtown Cohoes and the surrounding areas, not just in an economic revitalization of a creative community which she believes will ultimately create a more effective economic resurgence.

Her major project for last decade has been the Foundry for Art, Design and Culture. Through numerous competitive grants and the tireless work of her and her husband Jesse, this neglected building has been transformed into a beautiful art space that not only supports local artists, but shares the work of international artists with our local community. The programming at the Foundry includes gallery exhibitions, workshops, artisan events, performances, lectures, film screenings in the main space, and even live music/performances in Alana’s own home.  Every artists/musician/creative she and her husband work with is someone whose work they believe in and strive to promote.

One of Alana’s central goals is to equip creative people with tools for success. Through her workshops that cover the business side of art (marketing, organization, accounting, etc), she aims to teach creative people how to harness their gifts and talents into a viable way of living. She is a true role model for success, innovation, and professionalism. She is eager to share her experiences with everyone she works with and has encouraged many people to venture into this exciting realm with her. In addition to holding workshops, she has organized events for graphic design students to strengthen their own portfolios and meet with potential employers. She is always willing to talk and give advice to artists in need, and has personally taken more than a few under her wing. Through her amazing work at the Foundry, she has been able to connect with her local and regional community, and provide opportunities for the public to have a meaningful experience with art. She truly is an ambassador for the arts.

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