The Community Mentorship Award recognizes an individual committed to service and philanthropy who, by example and mentorship, cultivates a spirit of service and philanthropy for the next generation.  Congratulations, Steve for all of your achievements!

steve lobel

Steve Lobel is the Vice President of the Anchor Insurance Agency.  Steve has mentored many generations of business and thought leaders in the Capital Region, myself included. He is a tireless community activist, philanthropist and altogether magnificent human being. He was, for many years, Chairman of the Board of the Albany Symphony, and gave tirelessly of his time, expertise and money to support and grow the symphony and its Board and staff. He is involved in so many community activities that it would be impossible to list them all. He currently sits on a great number of not-for-profit boards of directors, including the Symphony’s and that of the Community Foundation. Throughout his long life and many careers, he has always spent the bulk of his time helping others and mentoring young professionals. Whether traveling to Latin America to bring eyeglasses to poor people there or photographing bum victims to bring attention to their plight, everything Steve does is for the good of others. We often joke about the fact that it is a miracle he has been able to build his very successful insurance business, given that 98% of his time is given over to community service and philanthropy. From the very start of his first career, founding and running “The Cheese Connection” through his time at SUNY Alumni affairs, to the present, he is and has always been devoted to nurturing the strengths of others, especially younger people, and mentoring them. He is a priceless human being, a real mensch, and altogether deserving of this award.

Thank you and congratulations again, Steve Lobel!  Please continue all of your amazing work and to mentor our future generations in this community, your efforts and achievements do not go unnoticed!

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