Congratulations, James Melvin Ader for receiving the Everyday Hero Award!  This award recognizes a first responder, disaster service volunteer or veteran who has had a significant impact in their community which is why we are proud to honor you with it on April 14th, 2015 at the Annual Stakeholders GOBY Awards Event!

james melvin ader

James is a Veteran Service Officer at the Albany County Veterans Services Bureau.  His work in the veteran community offers hope for the future.  American Legions and Veteran of Foreign War Posts are facing a huge challenge.  Their very existence relies upon Veteran volunteers to man and run the facilities.  Jim is a past commander of the Sheehy Palmer VFW Post #6776 in Albany, NY.  His hard work has ensured the immediate future for the 6776, although he knows the work is far from done.  He continues to actively seek out new members and encourage their involvement in the Post.  He knows that in order for the Veteran to feel whole again upon returning overseas, help others is vital.  He is extremely passionate about his work with Veterans and is the hardest worker to say the least.  Perhaps James’s biggest achievement within the Veteran community is the “Freeze Out.”  For the past three years on the last Saturday in January, James and his fellow Veterans, as well as supporters have slept on the front lawn of the Post.  The initial “Freeze Out” was done in order to shine a bright, unwavering and unfaltering light upon the plight of the homeless Veteran.  It has since evolved, and is an amazing act done by James and everyone else involved.

In late 2013, the Sheehy Palmer VFW Post #6776 asked for interview/professional clothing.  The resulting display of compassion from the community manifested itself in the back room of the Post where more than enough suits and ties were piled high by the end of the three week long event.  This was done all because their “Freeze Out” truly appealed to the community and gained their support.  There are now three other “Freeze Outs” which include the Vermont Chapter of ABATE, the Niskayuna American Legion, and James’s Brother in Arms from Iraq.  As for the future, James pledges to “keep his boot on the neck of Veteran’s homelessness.”  Thank you for everything you do, James and congratulations for receiving this outstanding award.  It will truly be an honor to present you with the Everyday Hero Award this year.

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