The Everyday Hero Award recognizes a first responder, disaster service volunteer or veteran who has had a significant impact in their community.  We are proud to honor Soldier’s Heart with this GOBY Award on April 14, 2015!  Congratulations!!!

soldier's heart

Soldier’s Heart is a non-profit organization in Troy, New York that assists soldiers with the reintegration process.  It’s founder Ed Tick, author of “War in the Soul,” and his wife, Kate Dahlsteadt, passionately tend the invisible wounds resulting from war and military service. These wounds are now commonly called “PTSD”; during the Civil War, they were known as “Soldier’s Heart.”  Their mission focuses on veterans and their families but actually transcends their wounding to include the entire society.  They provide private counseling and retreats for veterans of all wars as well as education and support to their families.  They engage the community in many ways to take an active role in welcoming our warriors home no matter how long it has been since the war was over.  They also spend a great deal of time educating the community colleges and public forums regarding our civic responsibility to these men and women.

One of their services is Athena’s Shield for Women.  Being a woman in the armed forces truly has its own inherent challenges and trials. These are often ignored or denied by the community at large, leaving our female veterans isolated as they struggle to reshape their lives once they are home. To a greater degree than their male counterparts, women have to contend with job discrimination, the difficulties of parenthood during deployment, and military sexual trauma (MST).  Soldier’s Heart offers any woman who has served or is serving in the military opportunities to speak her truth about her military experience and reintegration, and to gain sensitive, heartfelt guidance.  The organization also provides retreats for women troops, veterans, family, and community as well as bi-weekly virtual talking circles.

Soldier’s Heart is an outstanding organization and a great contribution to our community and society as a whole.  Congratulations, Soldier’s Heart, you are an inspiration.

Based in Albany, New York, The Stakeholders is a not-for-profit organization that inspires and equips people to take positive action in their communities. Stakeholders, Inc. is a New York State Regional Volunteer Center for an eight-county region, as well as an affiliate of the National Points of Light Institute.

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